Nailing Down the Details

I offer a variety of levels of editorial feedback, from significant structural and developmental edits to copy-editing and proofreading. I can also assist with research and fact-checking.

  • Copy-Editing: The lightest level of editing, focusing primarily on grammar, punctuation, spelling and internal consistency.

  • Line-Editing: Includes all aspects of copy-editing with additional focus on clarity, sentence structure, organization and tone.

  • Structural and Developmental Editing: A holistic approach to your project, focusing on concept. For academic, business and non-fiction writing, this includes discussion of sourcing, audience level and organization. For fiction, this includes discussion of story structure, characterization, pacing and other story elements.

  • Research and Fact-Checking: Assistance with original research with summary and citations, or confirming the accuracy of what you've already compiled.

Editing works best when the editor and writer have a good rapport. For book-length or other long projects, I offer a free edit of 7-10 pages of your work before we establish a formal relationship, so you get a sense of how I work and I can give you an accurate estimate based on what kind of work the project needs.


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